Thursday, June 30, 2011

Verison 1.02

Ok, so here is what was changed in version 1.02 of Ear Trainer.

-Added an Instruction option to the menu for in depth instructions of how the current activity operates.
The small blurb in the upper right hand will be removed in future versions.

-One of the sounds I was using for a correct chime was actually the trophy chime from Playstaion, so I removed it and replaced it with a sound I created my self.

-The About notice was changed to show my name rather than my screen name. This was done to give the app a more professional sheen.

Ubinuri, Inc.

So within hours of me publishing my app I get an email from Ubinuri, Inc's Lena Kwon saying they would like permission to distribute my app in Asian markets. I didn't know what to think at first, but with some research i found a few others that were approached by Ubinuri as well. These others were promised 300 dollars up front as well as 50% of the revenue made. I got no such offer with no mention of any type of compensation. This may be because my app is free to begin with, but either way I'm not biting.

Here is the blog of another developer who was also contacted about his app from Ubinuri.

If you want to check out the company for yourself, the website they included in their email is

Wednesday, June 29, 2011


The Ear Trainer Application is now live! You can download it on the Android Market. Search for Ear Trainer, it is about 10th down the list.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Ok, so to add a banner to my mobile application I would have needed to create an AdSense mobile beta account. This would have been fine, but the beta is now closed and they are not accepting new applicants. The have redirected me to AdMob, which is now owned by Google anyway. It seems a bit redundant to me to have two services by Google that is essentially the same thing.

Monday, June 27, 2011


I got approval from AdSense within hours and after tinkering with it a little bit I figured out how to place ads on the site. It is a short jump to placing ads in my app as well. These ads require internet to use, but my app does not. This being I will probably try to release a paid version without ads and a free version with ads. I'm thinking it should go for about 2 USD.

Hello World!

This blog was created because Google AdSense requires I have a website to use it. I plan on only using AdSense ads in my Android application, Ear Trainer; maybe I'll place some here too since it can't hurt.

Ear Trainer is an Android app I conceptualized in Hawaii Pacific University's CSCI 4702 Mobile programming course. The app is designed to help aspiring musicians to hone their reading of sheet music as well as their ability to name individual notes by ear.

Ear Trainer is still in its early stages, and there are many features I wish to implement that I have not been able to yet such as multiple notes, a chromatic scale, a high score sheet, the ability to have to pick out tunes, and being able to drag and drop notes onto the measure rather than using a radio button.

I am currently waiting on AdSense approval, but I hope to push Ear Trainer onto the android market within a few weeks and have an iPhone version ready in a month or two.