Saturday, July 23, 2011

Version 1.06 Changelog

Version 1.06

a few quick fixes to version 1.05

fixed bug where the instruments was resetting when going back into the options menu.
fixed a problem where there would be two timers if a user switched between modes and options quickly.

Version 1.05 Changelog

Version 1.05

Added a start screen, options view, and about view.
Reworked the menu system.
Added a timed mode.
Changed the font of the text within activities.
Changed the win2 sound to be slightly more upbeat.

After struggling a bit trying to fit everything into the option menu, I found it was much easier and cleaner to have an option view to switch to. Using the menu resulted in a mess of submenus and resulted in a snag with trying to figure out how to trigger a new question when the user left an alert dialog. Adding an option view fixed this by allowing me to make use of the onResume calls. The option menu which is displayed when the menu button is pressed is now used for changing the view.

The win2 sound was changed since the previous sound was a bit to dreary.    

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Work in progress

It has been a few weeks since the release of Ear Trainer on the android market and no major changes have been made yet. I am currently working on a way to record user profiles and statistics including percentage correct, this includes the correct and incorrect percentages of individual notes so a user can determine their problem areas.

Version 1.03 changelog

I received a comment saying that the messages were appearing over the buttons on his phone. I raised the location of the messages by 30 pixels and it should solve the problem.

There was an abnormality with the winning streak display on the listen quiz. It would occasionally stay "Winning Streak" instead of "Streak." It was changed to keep consistency with the rest of the app.

App Description

Ear Trainer is designed to aid an aspiring musician in learning to read sheet music and pick notes out by ear. It features three modes including a practice mode, reading quiz, and listening quiz.

Ear Trainer was conceptualized as part of Hawaii Pacific University's CSCI 4702 Mobile Programming course as a solo project.

Future additions
-Timed modes
-Statistics and records
-Chromatic Scale
-Bass Clef / instruments

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