Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recent Complications

I have started a new project as a gift to a cousin. As it will likely take some time away from Ear Trainer. Updates will likely take longer to come out. But on the bright side, once I am done with the gift It will also be available on the android market.

1.11 Changelog

I added a measure mode. This mode requires the user to correctly identify 4 notes in order to get the question correct. The notes that have already been answered appear in the top right corner. I also added a Version info page to the About section. There have also been minor bug fixes to the options menu.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Version 1.10 Changelog

I removed ad support from my app. This is due to the cancellation of my admob account. I do not know why, but my account was flagged for illegal activity and banned. I find it fairly humorous since In the 6 months of being active my account managed to make about 40 dollars before being banned. I was required to make 50 before I was allowed to withdraw any of it. I would have made more money begging on the street but google admob wouldn't even let me have that.

So anyway, I took the ads out of my app which is still available on the Android market and is now completely free.